母エロ漫画 ショータコンドウ整体院 / Shota Kondo Seitaiin


オジショタをメインにこれまで数多くの作品を配信してきましたサークル「CORNEAL DISEASE」が、ショタ好きな方に、覚えやすくて親しみやすいネーミング『ショタコン堂』を新設しました。本作はその第1作目の作品になります!






(本編:199枚 表紙・裏表紙:2枚 タイトル・事務ページ:3枚)


Shota Kondo Seitaiin-Main(本編セリフ付き PDF)
Shota Kondo Seitaiin-Image only(画像のみPDF)


[About translation]
The English translation attached to the lines of the main story was made with the hope that you can enjoy not only the images but also the story, but it is due to machine translation and my weak English ability.
Therefore, it may be difficult to understand a part of the story and it may not be conveyed, but we appreciate your understanding.

A clinic run by a boy’s love Chiropractor, Kondo Shota, whose name is ’Shota Kondo Seitaiin(chiropractic clinic)’ !!
It was a meeting place for boylover customers and young gay boys.
One day, a straight boy, Yuuki, visited with her mother.
He came from poverty to use the country’s ’relief law’, but the reality of this law is ’prostitution’!
In order to match with the customer, Kondo immediately performed a physical examination of Yuuki, but he was fascinated by pure Yuuki and finally got naked with each other…

The circle ’CORNEAL DISEASE’, which has released 18 works mainly by Ojishota (man / boy), has released 18 works so far.
For those who like Shota, we have newly established the naming ’Shotacondo’ that is easy to remember and familiar. This work will be the first work!

As before, the ultra-realistic full 3DCG images and readable stories will stimulate the reader’s eyes, brain and crotch (* ´ ▽ ` *).

Two files, ’main part (with dialogue)’ and ’image only’, are packed (both are PDF files).
The main story comes with Japanese lines and English translations.

The characters are the main character ’Shota Kondo’ and Yuuki Straight Boy, and the rest are a small number of guests, BL Furuta and Tanaka, and Yuuki’s mother.
The stage is also a simple story setting at only one place in the chiropractic clinic, and the image is like a time-lapse depiction of one scene of the video according to the story, enhancing the immersive feeling.

[Play content].

・ Check the flexibility of Yuuki’s body with him in a pair of briefs.
・ Take off Yuuki’s briefs, inspect the anus, and expand the anal as it is
・ Blow Yuuki and forcibly ejaculate
・ Ketsumanko (forcibly insert a big dick)
・ In addition, urination, exploitation of Gaman juice, forced ejaculation, etc.

[number of pages]

Total number of pages:
Main story (with dialogue) :204 sheets
(Main story: 199 sheets, front cover / back cover: 2 sheets, title / office page: 3 sheets)
Image only version: 201 images.

[File contents]

Shota Kondo Seitaiin-Main (PDF)
Shota Kondo Seitaiin-Image only (PDF)

※This story is a fiction. The characters, groups, names, etc. that appear are fictitious and have nothing to do with real things.