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母エロ漫画 After winning the 1st prize [English]

Tiny planet’s hard spanking story! Long-awaited second edition!!
It’s the sequel to ‘A Gift from the 3rd place’.

Harder description of corporal punishment than the first edition!!
As her mother told her to do, she takes a position where she lowers her head,
places her hands on her knees, and thrusts her bottoms up.
The severe punishment started with no time to rebel, and she endure it without any resistance.

Saki won 1st prize in the 100-meter dash at a Sports day.
Her mother bought her some clothes and had a delicious omelette as a reward.
She went home after a happy time.
But as soon as she walked in the door, her mother grabbed her arm tightly and said
‘You need to be punished for being passed by other girl in today’s relay.’
The mother, Wakaba, she picked up a ’jump rope’!
The fun atmosphere has changed, and the harsh and cruel punishment is about to begin-.

English version
Front cover/Back cover color
Body: 20 pages, monochrome
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母エロ漫画 2022年スパ作品まとめ(上)(日本語English同梱)


20種 60差分 計80枚の作品集(日本語、English同梱)

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